Classics with brazilian style.

We're setting a new tradition.

Slots,Scratch cards, Bingos and kenos in a way you've never seen before.

Copacabana Gaming is a Company focused in becoming one of the leading gaming innovative content providers in the market. With an ambitious yet realistic project,  Copacabana Gaming is a NGT  New Games Technology company, which is specialized in providing new kinds of games for the industry.

Copacabana Gaming provides top quality traditional slots, video bingo, scratch cards and pull tabs for online market operations, always with exclusive and innovative features to captivate the market.

The Company has a world class tech team that is anxious to deliver in-house developed gaming platforms for you and your clients. All our content is original and made from scratch, what can assure the best and most unique experience for clients and players.

With the authenticity of our products, along with the creativity and professionalism of our staff, we can provide the best gaming experience for your needs and your clients' needs.


To give you full advantage!

From start to finish, we don't settle for the "good enough". We want to bring the best experience to our clients.

Game, Graphic and Sound Design

We give high priority to gameplay, the skillful designers and artists comprised in our creative team know how to attract users to the game creating catchy and colorful graphics with the utmost attention to detail.

Crossplatform Html5 Game Development

Our experienced development team, fluent in all required technology can cope with any task, anywhere you need.

Personalized backoffice

Our clients are in control of the games. Be aware of everything that happens when it happens.


We are looking forward to doing business with you.



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